Alexander Misior is breaking barriers in financial market

In the digital age of "overnight" success stories such as Facebook, the hard journey is easily overlooked

Published: May 11, 2020 12:44:39 PM IST

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Alexander Misior is not afraid to take risks, even when things seem impossible. He learned a lot about dealing with times that test your strength. Learning entrepreneurship has helped him face his insecurities and learn to grow from them, which has helped him become an extremely successful trader in the financial markets today.

At a young age, he struggled very much with school because he truly didn’t enjoy it. He felt that he wasn’t learning enough about things that he could apply directly into his life.

In the digital age of "overnight" success stories such as Facebook, the hard journey is easily overlooked.

There were many setbacks and stumbles along the way but I never gave up. I knew exactly what and why I was working day and night. I blew accounts and lost thousands of dollars when I started trading in 2018. But eventually with the failures I learnt from my mistakes and made consistent growth with proper risk management and crossed 6 figures. I went to New York for college but dropped out as I knew I can do more with giving more time in trading and self-development like reading books and working on myself and my mindset. With failures comes success and if you're not willing to fail repeatedly you won't achieve success.” -Alexander

After looking his insecurities in the face, losing thousands of dollars trading, and realizing that facing his fears and pushing was forward was going to be his path to victory, Alexander has turned into a tremendous young success as a trader at the age of 28. His advice to people going through a tough time is to look your fears in the face and breakthrough them rather than let them define you.

It’s no secret that Alexander has amassed an incredible amount of success for himself in a short amount of time, and he’s just getting started. He’s used his challenges as motivation since the very start. Entrepreneurship was a result of his hardships when he was younger and he’s flourished with it all the way through.

Alexander believes that you should be very careful with who you surround yourself with the most as you will become the most like them. He chooses to surround himself with people daily that are uplifting, positive, and with big ambitions for their lives.

Alexander can be reached on Instagram at @monicci

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